Message from an orca (orca whale)
"Humans, find back to each other"

"Be in the light completely, connected to the source of creation,
at any time—then suffering does not strike you. Never!

We are glad that we can give this message, to you,

so that you find back to each otherto a unit-ed humanity

here on earth.

Peace can a-rise—out of a united being human.

Humans have to be.
Listen to me, you must Be. Be unit-ed.
In your hearts.
Build a bridge from heart to heart,
from light to light,

from flame to flame

from the light in one heart to the light in another heart.

Become unit-ed again, dear humans, then suffering will cease.

Unite in your hearts,
live out of your hearts; 
be there for one another—from your heart.

Love each other from your heart—

from your divinity.

Then something grandiose can grow on earth
for you humans on earth—

true joy.